Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and author of Sales Management That Works, Aligning Strategy and Sales, as well as other books and articles.

Frank Cespedes

Sales Leadership During and After the Crisis

Note: This article originally appeared in Top Sales Magazine May 2020 issue pages 28-29. You can find digital access to this article here. Even in good times, life in a sales organization is filled with short­ term deadlines and pressures: sales per quarter, sales per...

Sales Methodologies and Selling

Sales methodologies play an important role. A common approach in a sales force allows for consistency, dissemination of best practices, acceleration of learning, and it helps the firm to scale because management then has common metrics to monitor and evaluate.Hence,...

Sales Managers Must Manage

Sales Managers Must Manage

published in Top Sales Magazine, February 2019 Probably the most common complaint I’ve heard throughout my career from C-level executives about their sales colleagues concerns the latter’s ability to manage, not sell. As one senior executive puts it, “I want sales...

sales managment that works

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