Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and author of Sales Management That Works, Aligning Strategy and Sales, as well as other books and articles.

Frank Cespedes

The Rebirth of Software as a Service

Note: This article, co-written with Jacco van der Kooij, first appeared at Harvard Business Review online here. Summary.   Traditional sales models focus on customer acquisition and the “funnel” or “pipeline” metrics that dominate talk about sales. But this approach...

Linking Growth and Frontline Initiatives

Note: this article, by myself, Jay Galeota, and Michael Wong, first appeared here at Sales and Marketing Management. Most strategies are about growing the business. But about one-quarter of companies do not grow at all and, even before the pandemic, only one in eight...

Linking Value and Price

This article first appeared in Top Sales Magazine. Few customers want to pay more but most seek value, and it’s sales’ responsibility to frame the value proposition, including price. Here are three processes required to do that. Understanding Value and Costs....

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