It’s time to address the enormous cost of the strategy-sales gap.

The most crucial connection in an organization seeking to grow is between sales and strategy. But if your company is like most, instead of linkage there is a widening gap and too little bang for the buck. “Aligning Strategy and Sales” (Harvard Business Review Press, September 2014) will help turn the tide for your organization.

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The Four Stages of Becoming An Excellent Sales Manager

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Your Sales Training is Probably Lackluster. Here’s How to Fix It

by Frank V. Cespedes and Yuchun Lee U.S. companies spend over $70 billion annually on training, and an ...

How Sales Can Wield Its Most Effective Weapon: Pricing

Quotable, April 2017 Frank Cespedes, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and author of Aligning ...

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