Strategy and Sales Gap

Aligning Strategy and SalesIn a recent survey of executives, nearly 60 percent say their biggest challenges are ensuring day-to-day decisions align with strategy, and allocating resources to support that strategy. But acknowledging these struggles and solving them are very different endeavors – and most leaders and their management teams continue to isolate sales from strategy, to their detriment. The result is a troubling disconnect from some of their most important assets – those on the frontlines of sales. Couple that with sales teams who don’t understand the strategy they are charged with executing and you have a recipe for lackluster results, perhaps even disaster. The goal of strategy is profitable growth, meaning economic value above the firm’s cost of capital. In Aligning Strategy and Sales, Frank Cespedes helps readers reconcile the growing gap between strategy and sales, and shows how daily sales efforts affect each lever of value creation in your business.




The Seller’s Compass: Linking Strategy and Sales

Strategy and Sales Framework
Source: Aligning Strategy and Sales (Harvard Business Review Press, 2014)